Renewable Energy Projects:
  • EPC and Project management services Wind, Small Hydro, Solar Thermal and Photo voltaic;
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    Waste to Energy:
  • Quantification and quality assessment of waste;    
  • Identifying the right approach for treatment of waste along with energy recovery;
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    Solid Waste Management:
  • Site survey to parameterize factors that influence solid waste generation;
  • Planning and implementation of integrated solid waste management system;
  • Operation and maintenance services;
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    GHG Accounting:
  • Greenhouse gases mapping and use of applicable global guidelines;
  • Solutions to mitigate the associated problems;
  • Carbon foot-printing and offset strategy;
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    CDM Services:
  •  CDM Project Identification and development;
  •  Carbon financing;    
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    Treatment Technology and EMS:
  • Design and Implementation of efficient and economical effluent treatment units;
  • Operation and Maintenance services;
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